Technology Development

If you had a good time playing the game, you’re a winner even if you lose.

Web App Development

From front-end development to back-end coding, Clove Tech offers an extensive range of web development services. Following a firm agile development work-flow, we combine myriad selection of inter-connected technologies to create custom solutions for businesses with scalability and flexibility.

Striving to create unique user-focussed software solutions, our Integration and API experts implement the best practices to provide result-oriented and cost-competitive solutions. Our web development services are device agnostic and go through multilevel rigorous testing processes. Our compositions are made using minimalistic codes and flexible programming architecture, irrespective of device spanning web applications or on-system software solutions.

Mobile App Development

Our engagement starts with building a strategic vision for your project. Our strategy and ideation workshops with all key stakeholders in the project focuses on the discovery process- understanding your problems, needs, the user persona and business goals. Valuable insights gleaned from these sessions forms the bedrock for the next digital innovation.

Design is communication. And software is for humans. Our human-centric design approach manages the subtleties of visual design, making every artistic element communicate your message. We help you create awesome software experiences blending user psychology with modern design trends. And, we leverage simple information architecture and visual design principles to offer intuitive and inspiring user engagement

Technology Consulting

We support and manage the application landscapes while handling infrastructure and branding refreshment needs. We help our clients to overcome the creative and administrative challenges through tailored software solutions. Though we include a fair amount of consulting with each service we provide, some of the management puzzles require a full-time observation and advisory on a regular basis.

Our seasoned experts hold hands-on experience with front-end strategies along with backend knowledge of cloud infrastructure, Database Management and software production. With a team that can handle the entire process from Ideation to Enterprise content management, we tackle small segments of the system as well as overall digital strategy consulting with thorough issue and market assessment, storyboarding and resource planning